Waiting for Something Awesome to Happen


Could my gift for high school graduation be a trip to see the ocean?

Why-oh-why did Taylor have to ask that question? My heart was saying “Yes…we’ll take you to the ocean!” but my mind was saying “There’s no way we can drive all the way to the ocean with Mikayla & Hope.”  The beach is 10 hours from our home. Mikayla & Hope sometimes can’t handle the 2 hour trip to church and back.  How in the world can we make a 10 hour trip and all of us live through it?

How can we tell Taylor no?  She’s never asked for much and this is her dream.  How can we tell her yes?  How can we take that kind of risk? What if we are 10 hours from home and Mikayla & Hope totally freak out because we’re not adhering to the usual routine?  What if they are miserable and they make the rest of us miserable?  What if we spend all that money and have a horrible time? The list of thoughts just went on and on and on.

On a Wednesday night, our pastor was talking about risk.  He said that the definition of risk is “the possibility that something bad or unpleasant will happen.”  Then he asked a question that I will never forget. If risk means that there is a chance that something bad is going to happen then can risk also mean that there is a chance that something good is going to happen? Then he shared his new definition of risk.  Risk is the possibility that something awesome is going to happen.

And there I sat with my mouth hanging open.  Risk is the possibility that something awesome is going to happen?  Well, that totally changes my thinking about taking a trip to the ocean.  My mind began to think different questions.  What if we have a great trip to the ocean?  What if Mikayla and  Hope don’t have a single meltdown while we’re gone?  What if all 4 of the girls smile so much and are so happy that we just can’t stand it?  What if I actually get to relax and enjoy myself?  What if we have the time of our life?

I told Brett that I felt like we needed to take Taylor to the ocean.  She’s 18 years old.  How many more years will she live with us?  I don’t want to one day wish that we had taken her to the ocean.  I don’t want to ever look back and regret that we didn’t make our daughter’s dream come true.

Today was the day that Brett and I took a risk.  He called and made the reservation.  I wrote the check and he dropped it in the mail on his way to work.  And now we wait for something awesome to happen.


6 thoughts on “Waiting for Something Awesome to Happen

  1. I love this! I’m so glad you guys are going and just keep praying that everything will go smoothly. God won’t leave ya and He will give you the strength in those moments to do with whatever comes up. Just trust Him sugars because He is holding your hand 🙂

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  2. That sounds exciting! I’m glad you decided to take the risk! We took a trip to the beach and it turned out to be the vacation from hell. We had told Bethany that we would go to the beach and ride the rides. After we did both of those things the first day, she thought vacation was over and repeatedly demanded that we go home! Somehow we managed to get through a few more days of that and have some fun in the process! I would definitely try again some day but with better planning and preparation! I highly recommend being very careful what you tell the girls about the vacation. Maybe write up some social stories about what will happen!

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    • Thanks for the advice, Sylvia. You are right…..we should write some social stories about all the things that we plan to do. The girls are extremely excited about seeing dolphins and they probably think that is the only reason that we are going 🙂


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