I’m Fresh Out of Amazing

I’m fresh out of amazing.  That was the sentence that I read in a book called Hope for the Weary Mom. I sometimes feel fresh out of amazing by 9 a.m.  I always feel fresh out of amazing by 9 p.m.  I feel it when there are dirty dishes all over my kitchen.  I feel it when I cook something and it doesn’t taste quite right.  I feel it when I have no energy left to read the girls a book at the end of the day.  I feel it when I’m searching for the piece of chocolate that is hidden in my closet.  And I feel it when I can’t put two thoughts in a row to have a conversation with my handsome man.  Yep.  I’m fresh out of amazing. Brady_Bunch_Carol_Alice_bionicdisco When I was a kid I loved watching the Brady Bunch.  Carol Brady was always full of amazing.  She had 6 kids to keep track of and she made it look easy.  She never raised her voice.  She was always smiling and she never looked tired.  Every family crisis could be solved in 30 minutes.  When I grow up, I’m going to be just like Carol Brady.  Yes, I am.

Well, one of those things happened.  I grew up.  But I’m nothing like Carol Brady.  I’ve figured out the secret to why Carol Brady was so full of amazing.  Alice is what made Carol Brady amazing.  Alice was her full-time housekeeper and chef.  I don’t know of even one mom who has a full-time Alice living in her house.  I could totally change my name to Carol if I had a full-time chef and maid living with us.

I think most of us moms feel like we are fresh out of amazing.  We seem to think that what makes us amazing is a list of things that we are able to accomplish. We think we are amazing if our kids are well-behaved.  We think we are amazing if our house is completely clean and dinner came out of the oven instead of out of a bag.  The more we are able to do the more amazing we are.  Can I let you in on a little secret?  We aren’t amazing because of anything that we do.  A friend reminded me this week of what truly makes a mom amazing.  A mom is amazing because God has placed within her the ability to love like He loves.  God’s love never ends.  His love never gives up.  And He has created moms to love just like He loves.  A mom’s love never ends.  A mom’s love never gives up.

A mom can wake up in the morning thinking about how hard yesterday was.  She doesn’t feel like facing another day.  She secretly thinks that she can’t do it anymore.  But she sits up, she puts her feet on the floor, and she starts another day.  It is the love deep within her for her children that makes her keep going.  Her love for her children never ends.

A mom may hear the words “below average” or “disabled ” to describe her child.   She can’t seem to escape it because a professional actually took the time to write it down on paper.  It’s real and she can’t do anything to change it.  But the love that she has for her child reminds her that her child is fearfully and wonderfully made by God (Psalm 139:14).  God doesn’t think any of His children are below average.  He believes that all of His children are wonderful.

The world tells a mom that her child is different.  Her child is labeled because she didn’t pass a certain test.  Kids this age are able to do all of these things but since your child can’t….well, she’s just different. But what the world doesn’t see is all of the slow and steady progress that her child has made.  The world didn’t have a front row seat to watch all of the times that her child didn’t give up when something was hard.  But she did.  And she smiles because she knows that her child is learning perseverance.  The world certainly needs more people with the character quality of perseverance.

Yes her child is different.  She giggles endlessly at something that most people don’t even notice.  A butterfly makes her giggle and smile as she runs around the yard with her net saying “I need to catch him”.  Flying a kite is one of the most exciting things that she has ever done.  Days when the wind isn’t blowing just aren’t as much fun.  Animals are the best thing that God ever created.  Especially flamingos and dolphins and peacocks and cats and dogs and caterpillars and birds and……well just all of them are wonderful.  Our girls have helped me to see things that I couldn’t see before. They have shown me how much joy there is in the simple things of life.  Yes, our girls are different.  Different is wonderful.

Moms have something so much better than a full-time Alice that makes them amazing.  God certainly knew what He was doing when He placed His love inside of His children.  When we feel like we are fresh out of amazing the truth is that we are totally full of His amazing.  We are full of His amazing love that goes on and on.

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