There Are Rodents In The House……Again

6 weeks ago Hope’s gerbil Monkey joined Mikayla’s gerbil Ping-Pong in “hamster heaven”.  The girls have been constantly telling us that they need new pets.  So we ventured off to PetSmart to find some cute and cuddly rodents.  I didn’t even get queasy this time. I’ve come a long way since our first trip to PetSmart


Our girls thrive on routine so they did what I was expecting them to do.  Monkey was a black gerbil so Hope picked another black one.  The girl who can’t sit still picked the feisty gerbil running in the exercise wheel.  She just knew in her heart that he was the one.  The lady boxed him up and placed him on a stool.  The box never stopped moving while Mikayla was picking out her gerbil.  You certainly picked the right one, Hopey.  She named him Monkey #2.  Ping-Pong was a tan gerbil so Mikayla picked another tan one.  She named him Ping-Pong #2.  Now aren’t those cute names? Remember that they thrive on routine.  Why name a gerbil something different if you can name him the same thing?

This trip took an interesting turn when Daddy decided to pick out a gerbil too.  He picked a gray one with red eyes.  His name is Perry.  After Ping-Pong died Monkey seemed a little bored so Daddy thought we should get 3 gerbils this time.  Now we have a pair and a spare.  Why get 2 rodents when you can have 3, right?







Monkey #2


Ping-Pong #2




I’m still not a fan of rodents but I’m a fan of our girls being happy.  God has put a special love for animals in their hearts.  So we must have animals. The love He has put in my heart for our girls is an amazing thing.  This love made me smile while the girls picked out their new rodent  friends.



2 thoughts on “There Are Rodents In The House……Again

  1. Your girls are adorable and they look very happy with their new pets!! We spent Mother’s Day getting beat up in the parking lot of Petco. Bethany loves to visit the pets, but something triggered anger in the car. We were just trying to give her a happy day, but it didn’t work out that way at all!! ::SIGH::

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    • Thank you Sylvia. The girls are thrilled with their new pets. Sorry to hear that your Mother’s Day was a trying one. We had some good moments and some bad ones today. Kind of goes with the territory, doesn’t it? It would have been nice to eat out on the way home from church, but the girls weren’t in the right mood for us to take them in a restaurant. It’s just easier to eat at home. I hope Bethany has a good week this week.

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