Mikayla and Hope Go To Nazareth


It’s been an exciting week at our house.  Mikayla and Hope went to Bible School.  I cried when the music started on opening night.  I felt a little silly. Was there any other mom in the room who was crying tears of joy because her kids were at Bible school?  Or was it just me?

Our girls are 10 years old and they’d never been to Bible school.  There’ve been many reasons why the road to Bible school has been long for them.   But the journey to Bible school finally ended at Nazareth.

The girls were placed in two different groups.  Mikayla got to travel through Nazareth without Hope tagging along with her.  And Hope got to travel through Nazareth without Mikayla tagging along with her.  It was so good for them.  As we drove home on the first night Hope kept saying “I was good.” over and over again.  She was so proud of herself.  I think she was amazed at how good she could be when Mikayla wasn’t with her.

It was certainly an exciting week for them.  If you didn’t get to go to Nazareth this week here’s a recap through the eyes of our girls.

I spit out my cheese.

I spilled my lemonade.

I made a sheep.

I tripped.

Someone fell off the roof.

The puppets talk.  They’re not real.

I tripped too.

I made a fish.

Someone fell out the window.

I ate gummies.

She not supposed to eat gummies.  It sticks to her braces.

I made a bag.  I need money.

I play games.  I eat snacks.

And that’s all that I heard about Bible School.  And it makes me smile.










5 thoughts on “Mikayla and Hope Go To Nazareth

  1. What an awesome milestone! Go Mikayla and Hope!! I’m so glad you shared this wonderful true story with us and I hope it’s just the beginning of many years to come of amazing summers attending VBS! I actually got saved at my kids’ VBS way back in 1982!!

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  2. I am clapping and smiling for you and your girls. My daughter had much the same problem with her oldest son. She spanked him on his butt when he misbehaved and he went to school and told the teacher his mother beat him. Social Services was called and they told her if she spanked them one more time, they would take them from her. They were always into mischief everywhere and she too was embarrassed but she loved them with everything she had and that was a lot. So we can sympathize. It kinda beats you up, but at the same time, it makes you stronger. God bless you all abundantly.


  3. Thanks for writing this! My daughter is confined to a w/c and cannot speak due to a stroke. She does however know exactly whats going on around her and tries to be a part of the outside world. I hate it when people stare at her as we walk by. I want to yell out, (and once or twice have) HAVE YOU NEVER SEEN A WHEELCHAIR BEFORE???????? It sounds mean but I take comfort knowing that if this ever happens to them or a loved one of theirs, they will have to put up with the same rudeness they put out. Again thanks for writing this as it made my day.


  4. I read your blog on the woman who shook her head in front of you. I’m so sorry that day’s can be so trying. I have been a special ed aide for 25 years with our school district. I so admired parents of special needs children. It sounds like you and your husband are doing well-sometimes marriages crumble- I’m so glad you have support there. I am working at camp new hope this summer. This is a special needs camp here in illinois. Parents come back after a week of camp a little more refreshed and not quite hopeless. Sometimes I become frustrated with a camper. But I think I just have them 8 hours the parents are 24 /7. Maybe that woman was shaking her head thinking I could not do it. I am so glad has strong people like you guys to take care of his special angels here on earth. Keep up the good work


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