The Night Her World Fell Apart

We woke up to snowy, ice-covered roads on Sunday morning.  We soon got a call that church was canceled.  Then my Mom called and canceled my Dad’s birthday party. Our full day suddenly turned into a quiet day at home.  Of course, the girls wanted to play in the snow.  After 30 minutes of hunting for hats, gloves, boots, and snowsuits and then covering their entire bodies with all of it they were ready to meet the snowy world.  30 minutes later they were back inside sipping hot chocolate from their new flamingo mugs.




After hours of listening to endless chatter it was finally time for bed.   I was exhausted and my bed was calling my name.  As soon as I announced that it was bedtime Mikayla burst into tears.  She said “I miss Grandma and Grandpa.  The party was canceled.”  And then she did something that I’ve never seen her do before.  She went into a full-blown ugly cry.  It was a moment that broke my heart but yet it made me happy at the same time.  Because once upon a time our girls didn’t show emotion. But here we were in the middle of an ugly cry because Grandpa didn’t get to have his birthday party.  Progress.  I’m always thankful for progress.

This first ugly cry didn’t look as if it was going to end any time soon.  So I told Mikayla to crawl into bed with me.  Hope soon crawled into bed with us.  The three of us started talking and the tears quickly disappeared.  I’m often guilty of not taking the time to listen to their hearts at the end of the day because I’m tired and I want to go to sleep.  But on this day I stopped, I listened, and I heard their hearts.  It was entertaining and it was beautiful.  Here’s a little glimpse of our conversation.  If you listen closely you’ll hear what our girls love the most in this world.

Church was closed.

Me: Yes, church was closed.  But you didn’t miss anything.  No one was at church.

Grandma & Grandpa’s house is closed.

Me:  No.  Grandma & Grandpa’s house is never closed.  If we could get there they’d let us in.

Hummingbirds are cold.  Hummingbirds are not pets

I need to see Sparkles    (Sparkles is our friend Jennie’s cat)

Bo died.  They buried him.   (Bo was Jennie’s dog)

Sparkles and Bo are old pets

I like popsicles in the freezer.

Go pray for the crocodiles and the dolphins.

The dolphins are cold.

I need a dog with donuts  

Dog with donuts

I need to pet the sharks again

I pet the baby sharks

A dolphin’s a mammal not a fish.

Mommy, baby sharks are cute.

A shark’s a fish.  Baby sharks are cute.

The pet store’s not open.  They’re closed.

What happened Mommy?  I squeezed your nose.

I got snot in my nose.  And blood.

I could kiss you.

You obey me.     (Not sure where she got this idea.  But it’s not gonna happen)

I need a pet flamingo.

Flamingo’s a bird.  He has a bill.

What about a toucan?

I’d like a peacock at my house.

I saw a turkey in my yard at Thanksgiving.   

I’m picking my nose.  I’ve got a booger.    (Coulda figured that one out without words)

Monkey’s tummy’s growling.  He needs a sandwich.  Monkey needs to go to the bathroom.

I need a pet leopard

Hope:  I need a chihuahua

Mikayla: Chihuahua is a bad word

Snakes are cute

Mikayla:  I miss Grandma and Grandpa

Ok.  We’ve come full circle now.  I miss Grandma and Grandpa is where we started. But there are no tears this time.  It must be time to go to sleep.

I love you.

I love you too.

Good night.

Good night Mommy.


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