When a Man Shares His Kite


Hope was excited the minute that her feet hit the sand.  She’d spotted a kite flying in the sky.  Look Mommy a kite!  Daddy, Daddy I see a kite!  Taylor look!!! Brynna, Brynna I see a kite!  She didn’t care about the water or the waves.  All that mattered in that moment was the wind and that kite.  The man flying the kite approached Brett and said he’d noticed Hope’s excitement.   He asked if she would like to fly his kite for him.


And then Mikayla took a turn.  DSC01408

I prefer to fade into the woodwork when we’re out in public.  But Mikayla & Hope almost always thrust us into the spotlight.  My introverted personality often feels quite uncomfortable while the spotlight is shining on us.  But something happened while we were at the beach.  When the spotlight followed us around we weren’t given judgmental looks.  We received compassion and understanding.  Our girls made people smile and laugh.

I was relaxing under the shade of my umbrella while the girls were playing in the water.  Mikayla ran up to me and said “I love you!”  I smiled and said “I love you too!”  She went back and put her feet back in the water.  A few minutes later she came back to me and said “I love you!”  I smiled again and said “I love you too!”  This routine went on for at least 10 minutes.  The woman sunbathing next to us abruptly sat up and said “I don’t know…..I don’t think she loves you enough!”  We laughed and talked about how the other twin didn’t seem to love me.


One evening as we were walking back to the condo a man started a conversation with Brett.   He had been watching Brett holding both inner tubes while Mikayla & Hope floated in the waves.  He asked about their diagnosis.  He said his friend has a child with a similar diagnosis.  He told Brett he looked tired and he knew that he has his hands full caring for our girls.  As we neared our condo he told Brett that he would say a prayer for him.  Brett told him he appreciated the prayers.  We never saw the man again.

All of these people entered our life for only a moment.  The lady helped me find my way to a much-needed laugh.  The man who offered to pray brought new hope into our lives.  And when a man shares his kite it just makes the world a better place.


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